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Reiki Treatment

Reiki and Intuitive Healing

You Are Light

We are all born with an innate sense of knowing otherwise known as "Intuition”. That feeling we get in our gut when we just know something to be true. It is from this place that an intuitive healing facilitator uses their guidance to sense what the person may need in order to heal and reconnect to their true essence.

We are all born with a light within that yearns to shine bright and radiate out into the world. Sometimes in life we experience traumatic events, emotional upsets and physical ailments that dull our sparkle and prevent us from embracing our whole selves.


During a Reiki/intuitive healing session, I will connect deeply with you to discover why you are experiencing life the way you are, placing the intention on recognizing and healing old wounds so that you can embrace the light within and live joyfully.

Your session will begin with a chat about your current life experience and the reason you are seeking healing. I will create a safe and sacred space for you to be yourself and will honor wherever you are at in your journey. You are encouraged to be as open and honest as you can be so that your session is as healing as it can be for you. 


My intention is to facilitate a healing session that is completely guided by the information I receive from a blend of intuition, connection to your spirit guides and any other energetic beings around you and any feelings or sensations you experience during the session. 


Some of the tools I incorporate into these sessions are sound healing, crystals, chakra rebalancing, essential oils, visualization and of course, Reiki. with the intention being to connect deeply with you and work together to discover what the root cause of your issue is.


Together with you, attention is placed on removing blockages and healing old wounds so that you can reconnect to your own inner light, embrace your truest self and live a joyful life.

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